Regulation of the audition

The deadline for registration for the ICO auditions has been extended to 20 January. By then, all musicians who meet the application criteria may fill out the registration form and upload their video recordings. 

General rules of participation in the I, CULTURE Orchestra 2017 (ICO 2017)

  1. The project is intended for musicians who are citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Poland, aged 18-28 (born between January 1, 1989 - December 31, 1999), specializing in orchestra instruments.

    The 1st stage of the ICO 2017 auditions will take place online. In order to participate in the Auditions, you must register at between November, 2016 and January 20, 2017. Upon receiving your login and passwords, you will be able to upload the required recordings. The recordings should be posted at the auditions platform by January 20, 2017, at the latest.The applications which fail to meet the criteria listed in the Rules of participation will not be considered.

    The required repertoire for respective instruments can be found in the adjacent column.

    The recordings may be submitted in the AVI, FLV (flash), MOV (quicktime) and MPG formats, or as youtube/vimeo links. The size of the uploaded file should not exceed 150 MB. The recordings will be available solely to the ICO tutors and conductor, as well as the Organizers.

    The submitted video recordings will have been taken no earlier than 6 months prior to the date of their submission. The submission of video recordings with a repertoire different from the one specified in the Rules of participation will disqualify the candidate from the Auditions.

    The results of the 1st stage will be announced on February 6, 2017.

    On February 6, 2017, candidates qualified for the 2nd stage of auditions will be notified of the fact via e-mail. 2nd stage repertoires for respective instruments will be announced on January 20, 2017, in the adjacent column. 

    2nd stage live auditions will take place in the following cities:
    February 27 - March 2, 2017 - Warsaw
    March 3, 2017 - Gdańsk
    March 7, 2017 - Baku
    March 9 - 10, 2017 - Tbilisi
    March 13, 2017 – Yerevan
    March 15, 2017 - Chișinău
    March 17, 2017 - Odessa
    March 20 - 21, 2017 - Kiev
    March 23, 2017 - Lviv
    March 28, 2017 - Minsk

    Wind instruments: Musicians applying for piccolo flute, French horn, bass clarinet or contrabassoon will present excerpts of orchestral pieces for their main and second instruments, respectively, in the course of the 2nd stage of auditions.

    Harp: Harpists will not participate in the 2nd stage of auditions. Candidates will be selected based on the video recordings posted in the 1st stage of auditions. The results will be announced on May 8, 2017.

    Grand piano: Pianists interested in the project will participate in the 1st stage of auditions only. Musicians with prior orchestra experience should fill out the registration form and post their video recordings in accordance with the requirements listed in the adjacent column. The results will be announced on May 8, 2017.

    Percussion: Percussionists will participate in the 2nd stage of auditions only. You may choose your preferred audition venue when filling out the registration form.

    Section leaders and the concertmaster will be selected by the tutors of a given instrument. The information concerning the assignment of parts will be available to all musicians no later than 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the residency. 
  4. Announcement of the ICO 2017 lineup: May 8, 2017.
  5. The residency and concert tour of the I,CULTURE Orchestra 2017 will take place between place from August 6 through August 30, 2017. The orchestra will be conducted by Andrzej Boreyko.
  6. The organizers shall cover the transport, accommodation and boarding, insurance and visas for the duration of the ICO residency and concert tour.
  7. The Organizers shall not cover the travel and accommodation expenses incurred by musicians in connection with the auditions.
  8. The musicians will be selected in the course of two stages of Auditions by the panel of ICO tutors in communication with the ICO conductor. The decision concerning the ICO lineup is final and irrevocable.
  9. The musicians qualified for the ICO 2017 shall hold a valid passport (at least through February 2018) and expert’s opinions allowing them to export their respective instruments out of their home countries.
  10. The ICO participants shall insure their respective instruments on their own.